Xiamen xiongba e-commerce Co., Ltd.

Company specializing in the sales of module spare parts of world-famous brands (DCS system) (robot system) (large servo control system). The company’s products include distributed control system (DCS), programmable controller (PLC), Motorola mvme industrial module, industrial control communication converter (anybus), remote output / input module (RTU), industrial computer (IPC), industrial low-frequency screen (IPC), Human machine interface SCSI (50,68,80pin) anybus (Gateway) has become a global sales enterprise of industrial automation spare parts and components!

Availability, + Responsiveness: Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Since its establishment, the company has always insisted on operating in a pure e-commerce mode, reducing intermediate links, providing customers with high-quality products and satisfactory services at the first time, and providing ‘safe, fast and convenient’ for your production and procurement. The company has a perfect logistics supply system, and has established good cooperative relations with many foreign well-known brand manufacturers. Our company can directly purchase goods from abroad, provide equipment and spare parts from different countries and manufacturers, solve the trouble you find in many places or worry about product quality problems, etc. we have great advantages in price, product details, and sincerely welcome you to call or use e-mail to inquire!

We serve all kinds of industry in China, helping to provide and support their business processes and adapting them to the specific needs of each industry:

The products distributed by the company are widely used in numerical control machinery metallurgy, petroleum and natural gas, petrochemical industry, chemical industry, papermaking and printing, textile printing and dyeing, machinery, electronic manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, tobacco, plastic machinery, electric power, water conservancy, water treatment / environmental protection, municipal engineering, boiler heating, energy, transmission and distribution, etc.