05701-A-0302 Internal Memory


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05701-A-0302 Internal Memory

05701-A-0302 Compressor safe operation interlock is used to control the most important key equipment for compressor start-stop and operation status, the main control objects include the main steam solenoid valve, governor, high voltage electrical interlock (electric traction unit), adjustable static lobe, anti-surge valve quick-open solenoid valve, backstop valve. In the process of unit operation, a variety of interlocking functions according to a certain sequence of interrelated to achieve the interlocking control of the compressor unit to ensure the safety of the unit. Its functions include: start interlock, static leaf release, automatic operation, reverse flow protection, interlocking stop.

05701-A-0302 Ensure that the external conditions and internal conditions that must be present before starting the unit are all in accordance with the requirements. External conditions mainly include lubricating oil temperature (>20℃), lubricating oil pressure (>150kpa), power oil pressure (>11.0mpa), static lobe position (fully closed), anti-surge valve position (fully open) and so on. Internal conditions mean that the status of various internal memories used for unit safety interlocking must all be reset before switching on.

05701-A-0302 The operating condition of the unit after the safety interlock has been released. In the process of starting the unit, adjustable static leaf, anti-surge valve and the backstop valve must be locked in the safe position, when the rated speed of stable operation, press the “automatic operation”, the unit is unlocked to the process of loading the air supply, adjustable static leaf, anti-surge valve can begin to automatically adjust.