05701-B-0376 High-efficiency Numerical Control System


Technical Parameters:

  • Advanced instructions and task management boost program speed and efficiency
  • Run-time editing and easy data logging on CPU
  • Tag name database is friendly and flexible, Help File really helps
  • Easy connection to Access, SQL or ODBC databases
  • Import tags into C-more database
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05701-B-0376 High-efficiency Numerical Control System

05701-B-0376 The collection device transmits the detected status data to the transmission device such as 4G DTU/industrial router, which in turn uploads the data to the cloud equipment monitoring server through wired or wireless network, and the server stores, analyzes, and counts the data, displays the operating status parameters of the numerical control machine tools in real time by way of configuration, and notifies the alarm information to the relevant operation and maintenance personnel in a timely manner. By analyzing the abnormal alarms, the operation and maintenance personnel can grasp the operation status of the equipment in time and eliminate hidden dangers, so as to avoid the production downtime caused by equipment failure and bring more losses to the customers.

05701-B-0376 CNC system reliability is getting higher and higher, high-tech and efficient CNC system has a strong self-diagnostic function, the failure rate of the CNC system itself is getting lower and lower, and most of the failures are non-systems caused by their own reasons. Generally speaking, mechanical failure is easier to find, and the diagnosis of CNC system and electrical failure is more difficult. Every time the system is powered on, the system’s internal diagnostic program automatically performs diagnostics. Diagnostics for the system’s most critical hardware and system control software, such as CPU, memory, I / O and other unit modules Modern diagnostic technology with the development of telecommunications technology, has been a number of new concepts and methods successfully referenced to the diagnostic field.

05701-B-0376 through the plc remote control can easily modify the remote pIc program to achieve on the download function, but also through the configuration software to read plc parameters to achieve real-time monitoring. For engineers can reduce the number of business trips, do not need to modify the program and long-distance running, for the company, can greatly save the cost of engineers travel, better to achieve the deployment of manpower. plc remote control module multi-network interface design, support a variety of network interface and USB interface.