05704-A-0144 Driver and Protection Power Supplies


Technical Parameters:

  • CPU with 7 communication ports and LCD display
  • Serial ports for master/slave or custom device connections
  • USB local I/O expansion, Ethernet remote I/O
  • Plenty of discrete and analog I/O modules, display on analog modules
  • Easy drive integration
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05704-A-0144 Driver and Protection Power Supplies

05704-A-0144 mainly integrates the functions of drive, protection and system control, specifically including these features below:
(1) Three-phase IGBT inverter bridge with gate drive circuit and protection circuit.
(2) The upper bridge arm driver power supply uses bootstrap power technology;
(3) All drivers share a common power supply;
(4) Containing isolated high-voltage fast level shifting circuit (level shifter); (5) The control signal does not require optical transmission.
(5) Control signals do not require optocoupler isolation.

05704-A-0144 biggest feature is the realisation of a single power supply drive, the core technology is the drive power using bootstrap power technology and level shifting circuit, the schematic diagram is shown in Figure 4. Among them, bootstrap power consists of R1, D1, C1, IGBT1 and IGBT2 constitute one phase of the bridge arm. It can be seen that the charging circuit of the bootstrap power supply is R1, D1, C1, IGBT2 and N. This single-supply drive technology provides conditions for the system to be designed with a common ground scheme.

The 05704-A-0144 is a PROFIBUS DP fieldbus redundant link module for converting single buses to redundant dual buses. It is possible to convert a single cable bus into a redundant Profibus DP bus as well as a redundant Profibus DP bus into a single cable bus, with a dipswitch for setting the rate or a rate-adaptive option. Supports 10 common rates for Profibus DP buses.