12P3162X162 SLS 1508 Mesh Welding Machine Relay

12P3162X162 SLS 1508

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12P3162X162 SLS 1508 Mesh Welding Machine Relay

12P3162X162 SLS 1508 of the special equipment is reinforcing mesh welding machine, China in the digestion of the introduction of foreign equipment on the basis of research and development of domestic reinforcing mesh welding machine, which is simple to operate, easy to maintain, inexpensive (only equivalent to the introduction of similar equipment 10-20%), has been better applied. In this paper, a machinery factory in Jiangsu Province, the rebar mesh welding machine relay control system transformation as an example, to introduce the application of Mitsubishi PLC in its control system.

12P3162X162 SLS 1508 longitudinal and transverse (longitudinal and horizontal) direction of the bar through the warp feed, weft automatic material feeding mechanism; the upper electrode is active, the lower electrode is fixed in the electrode seat, when the upper electrode downward pressure on the bar and the lower electrode engaged in the energised that is, the welding of the steel bar; when a reinforced steel mesh welded, the traction table will be pulled out of the mesh; welding transformer to the upper and lower electrodes to provide Working power; steel mesh welding machine on the electrode lift, table pulling mesh, lifting the mesh and turn the mesh are hydraulic control system; send mesh mechanism is the welded steel mesh from the table dragged out, sent into the turn mesh mechanism to go

12P3162X162 SLS 1508 Turning mesh mechanism will be welded steel mesh stacked on a flatbed truck; transformer, upper electrode block, conductive square bar, lower electrode copper plate, etc. should be cooled, which is cooled by a unified water supply by a water pump for water circulation. Reinforcing mesh welding machine to weld reinforcing steel mesh steps are: first turn on the cooling pump motor, and then turn on the main and secondary oil pump motor, with a stepper motor to adjust the spacing between the weft wire of the rebar; the longitudinal rebar into the welder’s inlet, and wear to the head of the motor to a limited position, the weft steel to join the material frame, and poured into the drop wire groove. Firstly, make the beam (upper electrode) empty action once, the steel bar is thrown into the positioning device, dial the operation mode selector switch to the continuous position, press the welding start button, and the mesh welding machine will begin to weld automatically. When a mesh is welded, the mesh is fed into the stacking pallet by the mesh feeding mechanism, the pallet is turned over and the mesh is stacked on the flatbed truck.