136188-01 Standard Transport Connectors


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136188-01 Standard Transport Connectors

136188-01 is a very important part of the new standard specification. com express is limited to 3rd generation PCIe with transfer speeds of 8 Gb per second and a clock frequency of 5.0 GHz. the new connector can support transfer speeds in excess of 32 Gb per second, which is equivalent to 5th generation PCIe. in addition, it supports up to 65 PCI Express paths, which is more than enough to connect many powerful GPGPUs and machine learning. In addition, up to 65 PCI Express paths are supported, enough to connect many powerful GPGPUs and perform machine learning. 136188-01 only supports a maximum of 32 PCI Express.

The 136188-01’s performance performance is currently limited to 10 Gb Ethernet per signaling pair, which will also ramp up to at least 25 Gb Ethernet per signaling pair, making 100 Gb Ethernet support possible. The new generation of processors for edge computers will also require more interconnections and space for more DIMM slots. This new standard can support up to eight DIMM slots and 800 pins, while 136188-01 has only 440 pins.

The COM-HPC modules of the 136188-01 have two performance classes, the same as today’s COM Express Type 6 and Type 7, which are divided into a Client class and a Server class. From the outset, the design area of both types meant that large, high-end COM-HPC modules could accommodate up to eight DIMM slots. The illustration also clearly shows the same layout for different sizes of inter-board connectors.