1398-DDM-075 Input and Output Devices


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1398-DDM-075 Input and Output Devices

The design and implementation phase of 1398-DDM-075 appears to be very important. Because the remote i/o is connected to the equipment layer, and the information transmission between plc and remote station is carried out in a strict time period, so any interference may cause the state and action instructions of input and output devices can not be transmitted and executed correctly, which may cause the system to malfunction, or even equipment accidents.

1398-DDM-075 In practical application, people do not pay enough attention to the signal interference problem of remote i/o system, which makes the system into the commissioning stage of the various interference problems that occur, and deal with a very big headache. 1398-DDM-075 sintering machine expansion and renovation project plc control system, its structure is shown in figure 1. 5 sets of plc (1-5pc) control system are responsible for raw material batching, melt, mixing, sintering, finished products and other process system detection and control, between the connection through the modbusplas bus. Each set of plc with a number of remote i/o substation, substation and master station communication using rio high-speed local area network (1.544mbit/slan), the communication medium for the 75ω coaxial cable.

1398-DDM-075 operates in a relatively harsh environment, with a large number of frequency converters, dust, noise, vibration, etc. in the process equipment. The normal operation of the system is in the chain operation state, each device’s operating state depends on its front and rear equipment operating state. 13 belt will start automatically and sequentially -; Mix-3 belt will stop, then 3#cylinder to Mix-13 belt will stop sequentially.