140CPU43412A Communication Power Supply Equipment


Technical Parameters:

  • High-performance CPU with 50Mb memory, fast scan time
  • Industry-leading 7 communications ports, including built-in local expansion and Ethernet remote I/O ports are standard on the CPU
  • USB Programming and USB Data Logging are resident on the CPU
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140CPU43412A Communication Power Supply Equipment

140CPU43412A is the power and guarantee of the communication industry, which has an important impact on ensuring the quality of communication and plays an irreplaceable role in the communication industry. Because the failure of communication equipment is localised, while the failure of power supply will cause all communication to stop, people regard communication power supply as the heart of the whole communication system.FTA-544 17-550544-001B provides guarantee for the reliable operation of railway communication power supply, air-conditioning and environment centralised monitoring system and the safe operation of railway communication.

140CPU43412A wireless network system configuration and management software, the software is installed in the monitoring system computer, the software manages the workflow of each centre coordinator and places the information of each centre coordinator in the determined position for the customer to monitor the software call to complete the project’s requirements. This greatly shortens the development cycle of the customer’s integrated monitoring system using wireless data transmission technology.

140CPU43412A In order to ensure the smooth development of railway communications and the safety and reliability of its communications, the FTA-544 17-550544-001B centrally monitors and controls the communications power supply equipment and its environment. The monitoring system carries out telemetry, telecommunication and remote control on each independent communication power supply and air-conditioning system and each equipment within the system, monitors the operation status of the system and equipment in real time, records and processes relevant data, detects faults in a timely manner, and notifies the personnel to deal with the faults, so as to realise fewer or unmanned communication bureaus (stations) and centralised monitoring and maintenance management of power supply and air-conditioning to improve the reliability of the power supply system and safety of the communication equipment. The reliability of the power supply system and the safety of the communication equipment are improved.