140CPU67160C Detection Isolation Communication Module


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140CPU67160C Detection Isolation Communication Module

140CPU67160C is 60% smaller than the conventional products and adopts IC integration technology to realize power isolation, signal isolation, RS485 communication and bus protection in one unit in order to meet the RS485 isolation application scenario with very small space. In addition, the series has an automatic transceiver function, which no longer requires transceiver control through the CON pin, reducing the complexity of the design to a certain extent. Ultra-small volume RS485, CAN and CANFD have the same appearance and size, which is more aesthetically pleasing for the devices with various communication protocols coexisting, especially for the design with harsh volume.

If one of the 140CPU67160C node devices is disconnected or malfunctions, other node devices connected to the same domain as it will not be able to communicate with the master controller. By using EtherCAT Node Slave Module for wiring, all node devices can be wired in branches, so that if one of the node devices fails, it will only affect the devices online in the same branch, and the devices online in the other branch will not be interfered with to communicate with the master controller normally, so it is easy to detect and isolate the fault.

140CPU67160C Features:

● Package form: ultra-small volume DIP8 package 12.70*10.16*7.70mm (L*W*H)

● Baud rate: 500Kbps

● Operating temperature: -40~+85°C

● Isolation voltage: 2.5KVDC isolated at both ends (input and output are isolated from each other)

● Safety standard: EN62368 (under certification)

● Automatic send/receive data function

Supports connection of up to 64 nodes in the same network.

Isolation and ESD bus protection in one package