1746-A4 Integrated Processor for Metering of Diesel Fuel and Oil Wells


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1746-A4 Integrated Processor for Metering of Diesel Fuel and Oil Wells

The 1746-A4 metering station enables the metering of 11 oil wells through the separator. When a certain oil well needs to be metered, its corresponding three-way valve is cut to the metering position, the oil well feeds liquid into the separator, and according to the time required for the liquid level in the separator to rise from the lower limit of metering to the upper limit of metering, the well’s liquid production can be converted, and then according to the well’s oil samples for laboratory testing, the final result will be the daily oil production of the well.

1746-A4 is a kind of small and medium-sized PLC with modular structure introduced by ZDZZ, featuring flexible structure, simple maintenance and high cost performance. The product adopts 32-bit embedded processor, and the execution time of logic instruction can reach 0.50us/step. 1746-A4 metering station control system mainly consists of SunyPLC250 programmable logic controller, SunyTech industrial control application software (running on the upper computer), sensors (level, temperature, pressure), and actuators (electric three-way valve, electric ball valve).

The 1746-A4 consists of various functional modules (CPU module, interface module, digital input module, digital output module, analogue input module, analogue output module, power supply module, etc.) and the baseboard, personal computer, programming software SunyTech industrial control application software, communication cable and human-machine interface. Sequentially through the pilot valve, the separator into the liquid and discharge, can achieve the measurement of each oil well.