1746-A4 Pressure and Temperature Sensors


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1746-A4 Pressure and Temperature Sensors

The 1746-A4 temperature sensor is installed on the incoming liquid pipe of the single well, which is used to monitor the incoming liquid temperature in real time; the level sensor is installed on the separator, which is used to measure the metering liquid level and judge the metering stage; the pressure sensor is installed on the separator, which is used to measure the pressure inside the separator. Motorised three-way valves are installed on the incoming liquid pipeline, which are controlled according to the output of the SunyPLC250 to produce the corresponding action, thus controlling whether the well is in the metering or production state.

The 1746-A4 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is the core of the automatic control system for the entire metering station. It is programmed to perform automatic metering at regular intervals throughout the day, switching each individual well’s three-way valve to the metering position in turn, and then switching it to the production position when metering is complete. The metered wells are converted to daily production based on the time it takes to move from the lower metering limit to the upper metering limit as it feeds into the separator.

The 1746-A4 sends the collected temperature, level, pressure signals, and metering results to a host computer via the SNET network using the ModbusRTU protocol. The host computer displays and records the measured values in real time through the SunyTech software, and issues sound and light alarms to alert the duty personnel when the signals are not normal, and prints production reports regularly as needed.