1756-ENBT Programmable Controller


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1756-ENBT Programmable Controller

The basic functions of the 1756-ENBT are as follows:
(1) Switching function: manual and automatic control can be switched. Under normal circumstances use the automatic gear, when the need for maintenance or debugging, switch to manual gear.

(2) Automatic alarm function: When abnormal situation occurs, alarm can be given at any time. When the clamping head fast down, the power head fast forward, the power head work into the power head and the power head fast back in any one of the four parts of the abnormal situation, with the corresponding sound and light alarm will be acted, so that the site staff to take measures quickly, to avoid or reduce the losses caused by the accident.

1756-ENBT is equipped with “stop” and “continue running” buttons. When some problems occur in the process of work need to pause the operation, press the “stop” button, the machine tool stops running, all parts of the machine stay in the original place. Pressing the “Continue” button again, the machine continues to run. 1756-ENBT “Emergency Stop Reset” button. When an abnormality occurs during the working process or when the machine is restored after a sudden power failure in the middle of the process, pressing this button will return the machine parts to the initial state before processing.

1756-ENBT selected Mitsubishi Corporation’s FX2N series of programmable controllers to achieve, composed of programmable controllers for light rail fine-tuning intelligent control system. The system has input, control operation and output of three major components. Input part includes operation button and signal detection two parts. The operation button is used to manually set parameters or perform manual operation and handle emergency situations. Signal detection is used by the sensor to automatically monitor the working condition of the machine tool on the production line, and once an abnormal situation occurs, it will immediately alarm and prompt the operator to carry out corresponding troubleshooting, such as emergency shutdown processing, etc., so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents.