1756-RM2 Industrial Ethernet Core Module


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1756-RM2 Industrial Ethernet Core Module

1756-RM2 announced a new embedded industrial Ethernet core module for the device application layer. The released IEM605-2D core module integrates the dual functions of industrial Ethernet switch and serial networking server, focusing on the tailor-made for industrial field equipment access, changing the traditional way of accessing equipment, enabling industrial equipment to achieve Ethernet and ring network.

1756-RM2 core module’s five 10/00M Ethernet interfaces can achieve five optical and electrical interface options, two TTL level interfaces to provide two RS-232/485/422 serial interface options, SW-RINGIII algorithm can support less than 20ms failure recovery time and a variety of ring network structure of the network mode. 55mm × 40mm × 9.5mm ultra-compact size. The ultra-small size of 9.5mm can be easily embedded into industrial communication equipment, so that these industrial equipment and Ethernet seamlessly.

The 1756-RM2 core module combines the dual functions of a switch and a serial networking server, with efficient serial and network communication capabilities, changing the traditional way of accessing devices, realising one module, two ways of accessing, and realising the requirement of ring networking for serial devices.The IEM605-2D supports topologies such as star and linear, in addition to ring networking, and can meet the requirements of the industrial IEM605-2D module not only supports ring network, but also supports star and line topologies, which can meet the networking requirements of industrial Ethernet switches.