1900/65A-00-02-01-01-01 Epitaxial PLC System (Embedded PLC)


Product Features
>> 8 Thermocouple Inputs & 0-50 & 0-100mV
>> Accuracy Typical 0.3C / CJC 0.5C
>> Resolution 0.1C / Sample Rate 0.71/sec.
>> IO-8TCS models are isolated versions.

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1900/65A-00-02-01-01-01 Epitaxial PLC System (Embedded PLC)

1900/65A-00-02-01-01-01 will PLC language (ladder language), CAN bus embedded in the microcontroller, so that the microcontroller product development from the use of assembly language to the use of PLC ladder language, and has the interconnection characteristics of the CAN bus. The system software has the following characteristics: 1. ladder language as the kernel, adding an interrupt management system, can achieve the hard real-time operation of the PLC can not be achieved; 2. strengthen the computing power, increased CANBUS function library, floating point library, expert self-tuning PID, embedded WEB, etc., enriching the PLC’s functionality; 3. to provide an open expansion structure, support for third-party development of the expansion unit of the Wiring; 4. Increased network interconnection function, in the remote end after loading a special browser, you can achieve remote monitoring.

1900/65A-00-02-01-01-01 includes three parts.
① Embedded PLC kernel: it completes the basic functions of real-time task scheduling, ladder language interpretation, execution, communication, etc., and provides a secondary development driver interface;
② secondary development driver Through the external tasks provided by the system software, use the kernel to develop a variety of personalised and differentiated drivers for specific objects;
③ Terminal application refers to the ladder language programme for process control.

1900/65A-00-02-01-01-01 is a kernel chipset loaded with embedded PLC system software. As a hardware platform loaded with system software, it can be used to design general-purpose and special-purpose PLCs.
1) Basic performance of the chipset:
① Power supply: +5V 200mA, RAM power-down protection for 5 years.
② CPU: C8051F040.