1C31116G04 Switching Control Module


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1C31116G04 Switching Control Module

1C31116G04 The selection of the machine model mainly refers to how to meet your needs in terms of function without wasting the machine capacity. Before selecting the model, the first thing to do is to estimate the control object as follows: how many switch inputs, voltage, respectively, how many switch outputs, how much output power; how many analogue inputs and analogue outputs; whether there is a special control requirements, such as high-speed counters; the site of the controller response speed requirements; the machine room is separate from the site or together, and so on.

1C31116G04 In the function to meet the requirements of the premise, select the most reliable, easy to maintain and use the most convenient as well as the best performance and price of the model. The usual practice is: in the process is more fixed, environmental conditions are better occasions, the choice of the overall structure of the plc; other cases, it is best to use the modular structure of the plc; for the switching control and switching control, with a small amount of analogue control, the general speed of its control does not need to be taken into account.

1C31116G04 Selected with a/d conversion, d/a conversion, addition and subtraction operations, data transfer function of the low-grade machine can meet the requirements; the control is more complex, the control function requirements are higher (such as to achieve pid operation, closed-loop control, communication networking, etc.), according to the scale of the control and complexity of the selection of mid-range or high-grade machine (of which the high-grade machine is mainly used for large-scale process control, the full range of plc’s distributed control system and the control of the whole system. plc distributed control system and the whole factory automation, etc.).