1C31122G01 Master Device Data Transmission Module


Technical Parameters

D2-04TD1 – 4 pt. 12-24 VDC current sinking output module, 1 common (4 common terminals),4.0A/point, 8.0A/module, fused per point (non-replaceable), removable terminal

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1C31122G01 Master Device Data Transmission Module

1C31122G01 The master device sends data to the GPRS module when the GPRS module sends the signal to the GPRS network, the master device must indicate the destination address of the data, only then the network in the figure above can select the route for data transmission, processing and transmission of this set of data. The network transmits this data to the destination GPRS module, which then transmits the data to the connected slave device. The difference between the two transmission methods is that the RS485 bus does not use the destination address during transmission, it is a broadcast transmission method.

The GPRS network of the 1C31122G01 selects the transmission route based on the destination address of the data at the beginning of the transmission, which is a point-to-point transmission method for each transmission. When using a GPRS module to organize a network, the destination address of the data transmission must be given according to the data format of the GPRS module. Therefore, the transmission format of the GPRS module cannot be transparent. In RS485 bus communication, in order to avoid data conflict on the bus, it is necessary to use question-and-answer communication. GPRS network, on the other hand, allows many sites to send data to one site simultaneously. The ordering of data arriving at the destination site is accomplished by the network.