1C31166G01 High Performance Core Framework


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1C31166G01 High Performance Core Framework

1C31166G01 High-performance, low-cost embedded managed industrial Ethernet switch core technology module developed specifically for industrial applications.The MIEN5000M module is expanded into an industrial Ethernet switch product through an expansion interface. The extended switch can have two uplink ring redundant 100Base-FX single-mode or multi-mode fiber interfaces, or it can use 100Base-TX electrical interface. Using the uplink redundant fiber optic interface can form a fiber optic redundant ring network, the system in the event of a failure of the ring network redundancy reversal time is less than 100ms.

1C31166G01 provides 6 Ethernet electrical ports output from the network transformer, users can connect 6 10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet RJ45 ports. Each port is self-adaptive and can be automatically configured to 10Base-T or 100Base-TX status and full or half-duplex mode of operation, and can automatically make MDI/MDI-X connections.The 3805E supports global network management and port-based VLAN segmentation. It is capable of compounding Ethernet signals from multiple sites into a ring fiber link for transmission. The module’s MAC port rate of 100Mbit/s conforms to the IEEE802.3 standard, supports VLAN frame transmission, and can be connected to a switching chip.

1C31166G01 module has a powerful network management function, based on the RS232 protocol of the whole network unified network management platform, network management channel is independent of the business channel, so that the network management system can be protected from network viruses and hacker programs to improve the security of system operation. The specially developed upper computer network management software can automatically generate addresses for the devices in the network, as well as automatically scan and automatically generate the network topology. The whole module circuit is composed of large-scale FPGA and industrial-grade chips, and the FPGA program is independently developed and has technical property rights.