1C31194G03 High Speed Data Acquisition Card


D2-08ND3 – 8 pt. 12-24 VDC current sinking/sourcing, 1 common (2 common terminals), removable terminal


D2-08TD1 – 8 pt. 12-24 VDC current sinking output module, 1 common (2 common terminals), 0.3A/point, 2.4A/module, fused per common (non-replaceable), removable terminal

twork communication (Unicom, Telecom, Mobile)

Support low power consumption mode

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1C31194G03 High Speed Data Acquisition Card

The PROFIBUS-DP master system designed with the 1C31194G03 module is one of the process control network nodes in the WebField series of DCS. It solves the problem of interconnecting the system with other manufacturers’ measurement and control systems and intelligent devices, and is used to connect standard PROFIBUS-DP slave devices to the system, and PROFIBUS-PA devices can also be accessed through linkers and couplers. Through the SCNet II communication protocol, the process parameters of measurement and control systems and intelligent devices from other manufacturers can successfully communicate information in both directions with the control station and operation station in the system, and realise functions such as configuration, management, display, operation and arithmetic, so that heterogeneous devices can become a part of the WebField series DCS.

1C31194G03 network configuration tool SyCon can be installed in the engineer’s station, through the API function provided by SyCon configuration software, it can achieve complete information sharing from PROFIBUS configuration to DCS configuration software, thus realising the integrated configuration of the whole control system. 1C31194G03 Master card developed based on PROFIBUS-DP master module It has been successfully applied in WebField series DCS, and it can be redundantly configured in process control network and PROFIBUS-DP network, which ensures the reliability of information transmission in PROFIBUS network. Up to now, the PROFIBUS-DP master card has been successfully used in hundreds of applications in the field.

The 1C31194G03 can be used in various applications such as military radar signal analysis, ultrasound signal analysis, digital broadcast signal analysis, or inkjet cartridge system testing. A closer look at the specifications of these high-speed data acquisition card: 20 ~ 100 MS / s sampling frequency (sampling rate), 30 ~ 60MHz bandwidth, can be used for multiple analogue signals at the same time, while the range of analogue inputs can be selected through the software … and so on, there are indeed the conditions can be qualified for the above applications, but unfortunately can be seen in the newspapers and magazines Unfortunately, not many application examples can be found in newspapers and magazines, and therefore it is impossible to get a glimpse of the crux and mystery. For this reason, this paper will take an appropriate high-speed data acquisition card as an example to create a wireless local area network (WLAN) baseband transmitter module test system, and explain its possible applications in the research and development of wireless local area network (WLAN) and mass production of test equipment, in the hope of providing readers with more ideas.