330180-90-00 Microchip Set for Insertion PLC Microchip Set for Insertion PLC


Product Features
>> Industrial signal isolation and long-distance transmission – term transmission
>> Equipment operation monitoring

>> Sensor signal measurement
>> Industrial Data Acquisition and Recording
>> Medical and Industrial Product Development
>> Switching Signal Acquisition

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330180-90-00 Microchip Set for Insertion PLC

330180-90-00 Based on the core chipset loaded with system software, we can develop our own embedded PLC products according to process needs. Below is a description of a 16-input analogue PLC based on the embedded PLC chipset (standard or thermocouple signals can be input).

The 330180-90-00 embedded PLC is developed based on Cygnal’s C8051f040 chip, so the secondary programme is developed using 51 assembly language. The compiler chosen for the development is KEIL C51 as it generates the .HEX files we need. The 16-channel analogue switch CD4067 is selected to form the signal selection circuit, A, B, C, D, INH are connected to the P1.0-P1.4 pins of the chipset as the channel selection control signals of the analogue switch, and the OUT pin is connected to the AIN0 of the chipset, i.e. the first AD conversion channel.

330180-90-00 kernel set aside seven user-embedded programme interfaces, we only need to fully understand the function of each interface can be carried out on the secondary development, you need to be familiar with the following: a, kernel function b, kernel structure c, kernel task management d, kernel storage space allocation. As the system software has been added to the 232 communication, 485 communication and CAN communication functions, so the 16-channel analogue PLC secondary driver software development is mainly focused on the analogue AD conversion and real-time refresh of the AD value in the PLC resource area.