3500/42M Production Line Control System


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3500/42M Production Line Control System

3500/42M has the following characteristics:

A, the production environment is harsh, dusty, vibration increase;

B, belongs to the process control, logic flow, the logic of the equipment is more complex relationship;

C, most of the weighing and batching process, and the accuracy and efficiency requirements are higher, the equipment is running faster conversion state; D, the customer’s ability to maintain the equipment is low, the control system and the efficiency of the control system.

D, the customer’s equipment maintenance capability is low, the stability of the control system and electrical equipment required for higher.

E. Customers require the lowest possible investment.

3500/42M self-developed compatible with Siemens S7-200 and S7-300 modules were used in the production line of building materials, concrete mixing plant control system and aerated block production line control system, in this case, YIVEI PLC fully demonstrated its stability and strong, the price is also more advantageous highlights. Concrete mixing plant mainly realises the measurement of raw materials such as sand, stone, cement, fly ash, water and additives, and feeds them to the mixer according to a certain set order, and unloads them after mixing for a period of time.

3500/42M Features:

A, the requirement of high efficiency, equipment is intermittent operation, but the requirements of the production efficiency as far as possible to the continuous operation close to.

B, high dosing accuracy, the national standard requirements of sand and gravel dynamic metering accuracy of ≤ 2%, powder and liquid material accuracy of ≤ 1%, especially additives, the dosage of sometimes ten kilograms, the error can not be more than 0.1 kilograms, which is still in the mixer vibration is particularly large occasions; C, the production management requirements are high.

C, production management requirements are relatively high, the production data required to record all, including any manual operation by the user, all the requirements of the manual operation signal through the PLC into the microcomputer.