3ASC25H209 DATX110 3BSC980004R784 PLC control circuit

3ASC25H209 DATX110 3BSC980004R784

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3ASC25H209 DATX110 3BSC980004R784 PLC control circuit

In order to improve the efficiency of the lift and the accuracy of the level, the system requires 3ASC25H209 DATX110 3BSC980004R784 to effectively control the acceleration, deceleration and braking of the car. 3ASC25H209 DATX110 3BSC980004R784 is realised based on the actual position of the car as well as the control algorithms of the AC speed control system. . For the operation safety of the lift, the system should be set up with reliable fault protection and corresponding display. The lift control system realised with PLC consists of the following main parts.

3ASC25H209 DATX110 3BSC980004R784 receives the call signals from the control panel and each floor calling ladder, the function signals of the car and door system, and the status signals of the shaft and the inverter, and realizes the set-selective control of the lift through the programmed judgement and arithmetic operation.The PLC, while outputting the display and monitoring signals, sends out to the inverter the running direction, starting, acceleration/deceleration running and braking and stopping signals.

3ASC25H209 DATX110 3BSC980004R784 The inverter itself is equipped with a current detection device, thus constituting a current closed loop; through the rotary encoder coaxially coupled with the motor, it generates a and b two-phase pulses into the inverter, and while confirming the direction, it constitutes a closed loop of speed by using pulse counting. As a kind of man-carrying tool, the lift is required to run smoothly, ride comfortably and stop accurately in addition to safety and reliability under potential load condition.