3BHB000272R0001 UFC719AE01 Revolutions Encoder

3BHB000272R0001 UFC719AE01

Technical Parameters

D2-04TD1 – 4 pt. 12-24 VDC current sinking output module, 1 common (4 common terminals),4.0A/point, 8.0A/module, fused per point (non-replaceable), removable terminal

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3BHB000272R0001 UFC719AE01 Revolutions Encoder

3BHB000272R0001 UFC719AE01 design originally planned to use Siemens plc226 + Omron encoder + Omron proximity switches, but in the actual engineering work, due to the use of the encoder for the npn-type, plc’s common terminal needs to be connected to +24v, which brings a great deal of hidden trouble to the entire weak power system, after the use of Omron plc, this problem to achieve a perfect After adopting OMRON plc, this problem has been solved perfectly. Due to the application of rotary encoder, the rotary protection function of rotary arm sampling machine becomes accurate, reliable and easy to maintain, which effectively solves the problems of unreliable action and equipment damage caused by the traditional equipment system using travel switch.

3BHB000272R0001 UFC719AE01 automatic rotary arm sampler is a product developed for coal coking plants to control the quality of incoming coal. The sampling device, through careful design, features simple structure, reliable performance, high sampling accuracy, and strong adaptability to difficult to break down foreign matter in coal. The control system adopts “xd–2000 monitoring system” and “programmable programme controller” for secondary control, which not only meets the real time operation and processing of large amount of data, but also achieves the control requirements. The control units, actuators, and detectors have been fully considered for their reliability and anti-interference.

3BHB000272R0001 UFC719AE01 also provides the technical basis and realisation basis for adopting Omron rotary encoder for the precise control of the elevation angle of the sampling machine and protection. The design and manufacture of the sampling system are in full compliance with the relevant national and international standards, which can ensure the accuracy of the sampling data and meet the requirements of commercial settlement or positive balance calculation of coal consumption in power generation, and the practice has proved that the system is reliable in control, with a friendly interface and easy to operate. As the old rotary arm sampling machine has a large market in Shanxi, this system can also be used for the transformation of the old rotary arm sampling machine; the device can not only be used in coking plants, coal-fired power plants and similar large-scale enterprises using coal as fuel, but also can be used for metallurgy, mines, ports, and other industries, mining and powder type material sampling.