3BHB003688R0101 Hot Ready Processor


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3BHB003688R0101 Hot Ready Processor

3BHB003688R0101 has a highly reliable control system structure, critical situations where system downtime cannot occur, and is capable of disturbance-free switchover. This module has two main functions: the plc processor and a coprocessor dedicated to redundant control. The master/standby architecture provides automatic hardware-based redundancy for managing data processing and communication in the plc. This increased reliability guarantees uninterrupted process management and ensures the critical functions of the control. Data exchange between the master and standby plc’s uses the 100mbps Ethernet port that comes standard on the cpu template. All data is exchanged during each scan cycle with minimal impact on the system cycle time.

3BHB003688R0101 used in unity pro 2.3 programming environment design and development of plc application, in industrial control configuration software ifix4.0 design and preparation of control system hmi application, the operating station and plc through the industrial ethernet communication. plc to complete the main control functions: anti-surge control, fixed flow/fixed wind pressure control, logic interlocking control, lubricant control, power oil control. control, lubricating oil control, power oil control, unit shaft system monitoring and alarm.

The reason for the formation of surge conditions is due to 3BHB003688R0101 exceeded the compressor’s inherent allowable range, so that the gas can not pass through the compressor smoothly, in the rotor, blade and static lobe surfaces to form a separation of the airflow, the airflow in the compressor inside the turbulence, and at the same time, produce strong vibration and a large amount of heat energy accumulation. Surge condition of the compressor has a very strong harm, if not eliminated in time, will cause damage to the unit’s rotor and static lobe, and in serious cases, may even lead to the rotor and static lobe all scrap.