3BSE008516R1 Analog Input Module


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3BSE008516R1 Analog Input Module

The 3BSE008516R1 includes graphics-rich multi-display systems for gaming and digital signage, medical imaging and industrial automation. Another application is headless systems where GPUs are used for massive parallel data processing. For example, in communications infrastructure, modules are used in security applications or uCPE, SD-WAN, routers, switches and UTM (unified threat management).

3BSE008516R1 Through a modular system design based on standard computer modules, users can benefit from lower development costs and faster time-to-market thanks to application-ready compute cores, flexible performance scalability, even across processor sockets and generations, and long-term availability.

The 3BSE008516R1 high-performance modules feature COM Express Type 6 pins and are based on the latest AMD Razor Embedded R1505G and R1606G multicore SoCs.They support up to 32GB of energy-efficient, fast dual-channel DDR4 memory at speeds up to 2400MT/s, with optional ECC for maximum data Security. The impressive AMD Radeon™ Vega graphics card with 3 compute units supports up to 3 discrete displays, up to 4k UHD resolution and 10-bit HDR, as well as DirectX 12 for 3D graphics and OpenGL 4.4. The integrated video engine enables hardware-accelerated streaming of bi-directional HEVC (H.265) video.