3BSE018100R1 PM860K01 Conversion Transmitter

3BSE018100R1 PM860K01

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3BSE018100R1 PM860K01 Conversion Transmitter

The reliable operation of 3BSE018100R1 PM860K01 is of great significance to ensure the stability of the power system. Generator fault recording device recorded data for the staff to correctly analyse the cause of generator failure, study the accident countermeasures, timely treatment of accidents provides a reliable basis, at the same time, according to the fault recording data can also analyse the fault parameters of the system, the pattern of change of the electrical quantities, fault location, etc., which is to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the power system plays a very important role.

3BSE018100R1 PM860K01 as a special computer for industrial control, due to its simple structure, excellent performance, good anti-interference performance, high reliability, in machinery, chemical, rubber, electric power and other industries, industrial control site has been increasingly widely used, industrial control site to carry out real-time control of the most important control device. This paper introduces a programmable controller and the expansion of analogue modules to achieve the generator fault recording method. The analogue quantities are converted by A/D, and then the unit operation quantities such as end voltage U, rotor current If, active power P and reactive power Q are calculated according to the conversion ratio of transformer and transmitter.

The block diagram of 3BSE018100R1 PM860K01 consists of a host computer and a PLC measurement and control system. the PLC is connected to the generator set through external transmitters and transformers. the generator terminal voltage U and stator current I are three-phase alternating currents, which are converted into three-phase 100V, 5A secondary signals through the voltage transformer (PT) and the current transformer (CT) respectively. the generator Generator rotor excitation current is converted into 75mV signal through shunt RS, and then converted into its proportional 0-10V voltage signal through three-phase power (containing power, reactive power) transmitter, three-phase voltage transmitter, DC current transmitter, and then inputted into PLC’s analogue module.