3BSE042235R1 PP845 Redundant Control System

3BSE042235R1 PP845

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3BSE042235R1 PP845 Redundant Control System

The 3BSE042235R1 PP845 includes two 414-4hcpu, two redundant power supply templates, and two redundant cp443 NICs. One cpu (main) participates in the control during normal operation, and the other cpu (spare) is synchronised with it through the synchronisation module. When failures of the main cpu, rack, power supply, communication, etc. are detected, the spare cpu is immediately put into control without affecting the continuity of the production control.

3BSE042235R1 PP845 adopts remote i/o mode, according to the actual number of i/o points configured with two et200m intelligent remote i/o station, remote intelligent i/o station and controller using redundant profibus bus communication. The decompression control station selects siemens s7-200 plc control system, and installs human-machine interface for local operation and setting relevant parameters. Decompression control station using em277 and gas cabinet control station to achieve network communication, gas cabinet control station for the system master.

3BSE042235R1 PP845 The whole system network is divided into three levels: field level, control level, and monitoring level, and the system network structure is shown in Fig. 1. the field level uses profibus dp redundancy fieldbus for communication, which mainly realises the data transmission between the s7-400h master station and the remote intelligent slave station, and adopts Siemens twisted-pair cable with the transmission rate as high as 12mbps. the control level realises the communication between the s7-400 plc and the s7-400h master station. Data exchange between s7-400 plc and s7-200 plc, using profibus dp bus for communication, s7-400 plc redundant profibus dp bus and s7-200 plc single bus using y-link converter module for automatic bus conversion.