4119A Field Detection Elements


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4119A Field Detection Elements

The distributed I/O modules ET200S and ET200eco of 4119A at each station collect the main monitoring parameters of the system (mainly switching quantities) through the on-site detecting components and sensors, and the ET200S and ET200eco convert the on-site analog signals into high-precision data quantities, and then upload the collected data to the central controller through the Profibus-DP field bus network, which can reach a speed of up to 12 M. The controller will process the collected data according to the specific process requirements, and then transmit the control output down to the ET200S through the Profibus-DP network to realize the control process at each station. The collected data are uploaded to the central controller, which processes them according to the specific process requirements.

4119A transmits the control output to ET200S through Profibus-DP network to realize the control process of each station.PROFIBUS is the most widely used process fieldbus system in the world. There are three types of PROFIBUS: FMS, DP and PA. PROFIBUS-FMS can be used for general automation; PROFIBUS-DP for manufacturing automation; and PROFIBUS-PA for process automation.

The 4119A can save more than 40% of hardware, engineering, installation and commissioning and maintenance costs by using PROFIBUS process fieldbus technology.The technical performance of PROFIBUS-DP makes it possible to be used in all fields of industrial automation, including metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, light industry, pharmaceuticals and other fields. In addition to simple installation, it has a very high transmission rate of up to 12Mbits/s, communication distance can reach 1000 meters, if you add a repeater can extend the communication distance to dozens of kilometers, with a variety of network topologies (bus type, star type, ring type) to choose from.