5X00062G01 Core board and Carrier board


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5X00062G01 Core board and Carrier board

5X00062G01 the whole system network is divided into field level, control level, monitoring level three levels, the system network structure is shown in Figure 1. field level using profibus dp redundancy field bus for communication, mainly to achieve s7-400h master and remote intelligent slave station data transmission between the use of Siemens twisted pair transmission rate of up to 12 mbps. control level to achieve the s7-400 plc and s7-200 plc and s7-400 plc control system. plc and s7-200plc data exchange between the use of profibus dp bus for communication, s7-400 plc redundant profibus dp bus and s7-200plc single bus using the y-link conversion module for automatic bus conversion

5X00062G01 bus using optical fibre media transmission, fast communication rate. Monitoring level using Siemens sclancs switch to form a redundant industrial Ethernet ring network, to achieve the engineer station (es), operator station (os) and field control station (as) connection communication, communication rate of up to 100mbps, 2 operator station and as station to form a total of 4 redundant iso protocol connection, to improve the reliability of the system network.

5X00062G01 is a portable spectrum analyser with rich features, excellent performance, compact size and easy to carry and operate, especially for the customer application terminal site interference detection, tracking and positioning application scenarios. Customers have strict requirements for performance indicators, such as excellent average noise level, phase noise faster scanning speed, etc., for the stability and reliability of the main control unit has high requirements. And the product is a confidential project for the customer, need to use the core module with the customer’s development of functional motherboard design, for the core module and the connector between the carrier board has a high seismic requirements.