6637517A1 660-MISC-3311 Process Control Layer

6637517A1 660-MISC-3311

Technical Parameters

24 VDC current sinking/sourcing

4 commons (isolated).

Requires one connector,

sold separately.

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6637517A1 660-MISC-3311 Process Control Layer

6637517A1 660-MISC-3311 The advantage of the 6637517A1 660-MISC-3311 is that it affects the integration of the process control layer into the overall work of the organisation. This reduces the life-cycle cost of the system and reduces operational risk in the operation. plantPAx can play a role in every phase of the life cycle. With faster engineering and standardised processes, teams can forgo non-value-added tasks in the design phase and instead focus on delivering differentiated, greater value to the customer.

6637517A1 660-MISC-3311 The ability for faster commissioning and better package integration reduces disruption to the critical path on the project timeline. the technology features in DCS are sure to allow the entire team to troubleshoot issues quickly during the commissioning phase and be flexible enough to accept late-binding changes. Packaged equipment integration capabilities and simulation tools can run effective acceptance tests, helping to compress project timelines.

6637517A1 660-MISC-3311 reduces total cost of ownership by leveraging a smaller footprint and simplified path to modernisation, making it easier to maintain, operate and modernise. Drive enterprise improvements with extended and enhanced capabilities provided by diagnostic capabilities, open access, analytics and optimisation tools.