8200-1302 Remote Communication Module


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8200-1302 Remote Communication Module

8200-1302 Features:
1, can make up for the points missed in the design process;
2, to ensure that in the operation process of individual points of failure, there can be an alternative point;
3, the need to increase the number of points in the future.

8200-1302 working environment is a hard indicator of PLC work. Self-control system to free people from busy work and harsh environments, it is required to adapt to the complexity of the environment, such as temperature, humidity, noise, signal shielding, operating voltage, etc., each PLC is not the same. Be sure to choose products that adapt to the actual working environment.

8200-1302 is no longer a simple field control, PLC remote communication has become a control system must be resolved, but the communication protocols developed by various manufacturers vary widely, poor compatibility. Communication between products of the same manufacturer. Each manufacturer has its own communication protocol, and more than one. This is obvious in large and medium-sized machines, but not the same in small and miniature machines, some manufacturers for capacity, price, functionality and other considerations, often do not have or have different from other protocols, and relatively simple communication. Therefore, the main consideration in this regard is the communication between different types of PLCs of the same manufacturer