9662-1 High Performance Computer Modules


Technical Parameters:

  • Full-featured ProductivitySuite FREE PAC programming software (a $495 value!)
  • Hardware auto-discovery
  • All project files (program, tag name database and all the program documentation) in the CPU
  • Advanced instructions and task management boost program speed and efficiency
  • Run-time editing and easy data logging on CPU
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9662-1 High Performance Computer Modules

9662-1 protect the equipment, it is necessary to effectively control the rotary angle within the specified range during sampling, so a rotary protection device is installed. The traditional protection device is installed in the lower part of the rotary body travel switch, this switch is easy to damage, so that the equipment rotary protection failure. In the design of the rotary sampler for Shanxi Tunliu Coking Plant, our company utilizes the high-speed counter function of the programmable counter together with the rotary encoder to effectively realize the measurement of the rotary angle and the rotary protection of the equipment, which improves the reliability and accuracy of the equipment and makes the samples taken by the rotary sampler more representative.

The goal of the 9662-1 module is to avoid centralizing all functions on a single card in order to reduce the impact of rapid CPU replacement. In the past, Intel and AMD were able to release a new CPU every six months, and since it was uncertain how long older CPUs would remain on the market, modularity was needed to ensure their long-term availability. Of course, the scalability it possesses brings with it a number of different performance variants.

The 9662-1 reduces the complexity of I/O board design. When the number of layers required for I/O boards was drastically reduced, this made PCB design less expensive. At that time, the focus was also already on how to reduce power consumption and heat generation with new modules. Finally, customers always wanted the latest CPUs, and this has not changed to this day. Modules guarantee this as well.