9907-162 Direct Current Drive Motors


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9907-162 Direct Current Drive Motors

The motor of the 9907-162 is driven by DC power. Although the output of lithium-ion battery is DC, the output voltage of the battery is not very stable with the change of battery power and external environment, so we need a DC-DC converter to provide a stable voltage for the motor. An excellent DC-DC converter should not only have a stable output, but its conversion efficiency should also be high enough to ensure that the battery power is fully utilized.

9907-162 The soft-switching technology itself is not unique to Vicor, but only Vicor has integrated the ZVS topology into the chip, achieving high integration at high conversion efficiency, reducing the number of external components, shrinking the size of the solution, and improving the reliability of the product.

The 9907-162 provides Tyco Power’s PI3741 module packaged in LGIZ format for easier heat dissipation, measures only 10 mm x 14 mm x 2.5 mm, and delivers conversion efficiencies of up to 96 percent, two percentage points higher than competing products. Vicor’s products have always been characterized by high quality, and the defective rate of the PI3741 is only two or three ppm, he said. in addition, the PI3741 has a very low EMI radiation, which helps customers’ end products to meet the stringent quality certifications in Europe and the United States.