ICS TRIPLEX T8403 Servo Motor Module


Control functions
Direct indication of channel readiness via LEDs
Safe and fast installation
Quick module identification
Individual channel identification marking strips

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ICS TRIPLEX T8403 Servo Motor Module

T8403 charged particles with different speeds will be subjected to speed modulation when they pass through the vacuum acceleration cavity coupled with a high-power high-frequency signal, and eventually the speeds of the particles converge. That is, such as particle 1 to V1, particle 2 to V2 speed in the beam line movement, where V1 is smaller than V2, after the same time, particle 2 to reach the negative half-cycle of the high-frequency signal, particle 1 to reach the high-frequency signal of the positive half-cycle, the two are subject to the role of the acceleration produced by the electric field force a, by the formula 1-1 can be known after the same time, the particle speed convergence to achieve the improvement of the quality of the beam current.

T8403 consists of four parts: high-frequency amplification, slot circuit, cooling system and power supply system. High-frequency amplification is mostly a secondary amplification system composed of solid-state broadband amplifiers and electron tubes; the power supply system is mainly responsible for the power supply of the filament of the electron tubes, the gate, the curtain gate, the anode and the broadband amplifiers; coupled with the fact that the whole transmitter is a distribution parameter-based system, thus the slotting road is an important part of the improvement of the transmitter’s parameters and performance.

T8403 Considering that the transmitter works in an electromagnetic environment with a mixture of high-voltage, low-voltage, AC, DC, pulse and analog signals, in order to ensure the stability and reliability of the control system, the NB2 transmitter control system is designed by adopting Siemens S7-300 series PLC, touch screen, and combining with the Ethernet (Industrial Ethernet) technology, which realizes the remote control of the transmitter.