IC754VSI12CTD Physical Integration Separation Module


Main Technical Parameter

Channel configuration: 32 switching inputs
Scanning period: 2ms
Logic 1 (minimum): Contact closure impedance <5Ω
Logic 0 (max): contact closure impedance >25kΩ

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IC754VSI12CTD Physical Integration Separation Module

IC754VSI12CTD is a transmitter that isolates the sensor signal (4-20mA/0-20mA/0-10mA) and then outputs the current signal (4-20mA/0-20mA/0-10mA) proportionally. Input signal interference suppression filter circuit, signal modulation circuit, signal isolation circuit and output demodulation filter circuit are included inside the product. Wide creepage distances on the input and output sides and internal isolation measures make it possible to realize an isolation voltage of 3KVAC between signal input and signal output.

IC754VSI12CTD is a 2-wire voltage signal isolation and distribution module, which can realize voltage signal distribution for 2-wire voltage input distribution type transducers and bridge (weighing) detection circuits. It contains current signal modulation circuit, electromagnetic isolation conversion circuit and signal reduction demodulation circuit.

IC754VSI12CTD has a supply voltage range of 12-32VDC, small input equivalent resistance, high linearity, and 2500VAC isolation voltage between signal input and output. The product is very convenient to use, customers only need to add a small number of peripheral devices in the front of the product, you can realize the two-wire voltage input distribution type sensors and bridge (weighing) detection circuit voltage signal isolation output function.