IC754VSF12CTD Hybrid Integrated Control Module


Product features
14 channel 150V high voltage isolated DI module
DI with Source type and Sink type
Optically coupled isolation
16-bit counter function for all channels

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IC754VSF12CTD Hybrid Integrated Control Module

The IC754VSF12CTD ‘s 16-bit resolution Ethernet programming and hardware triggering provides detailed process testing related to battery fluctuation simulation.The DCS series has strong load regulation performance, which makes it a suitable power supply for automotive component verification, acceptance testing, and aging testing. The 20V model, in particular, can be used for a complete set of tests simulating battery status. Extreme testing of components rated at 12V and 14V, such as electronic control units (ECUs) and electromechanical components, is easily realized.

The IC754VSF12CTD ‘s high power density makes it ideal for system integration into automated test equipment. Multiple voltage and current combinations and 1U and 2U heights make it possible to provide multiple voltage outputs in a small space. The series features a variety of control methods, making it easy to integrate into conventional as well as high-speed systems.

IC754VSF12CTD Battery charging requires high-precision voltage and stable current output for fast bulk and absorption phase charging, and high-precision and stable voltage for float charging to avoid battery “inflation” The DCS series features high-precision output voltage to optimize battery charging. A remote interface option makes it easy to automate the charging process on a batch production line.