ICS TRIPLEX 9852 3 Run employee productivity


Product Parameter

Support 4-way LAN

Support SIM card adaptive dialling

Support 4G, WIFI, LAN network automatic switching

Support RS232 or RS485

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ICS TRIPLEX 9852 3 Run employee productivity

ICS TRIPLEX9852 3 Sources of interference affecting PLC control systems, like sources of interference affecting industrial control equipment in general, are mostly generated in areas where there is a dramatic change in current or voltage, and these areas of dramatic charge movement are the sources of interference.

ICS TRIPLEX9852 3 Types of interference are usually classified according to the causes of interference generation, noise interference patterns, and the nature of the noise waveform. According to the different reasons for noise generation, it is divided into discharge noise, surge noise, high-frequency oscillation noise, etc.; according to the waveform of the noise, the nature of the noise is different, can be divided into sustained noise, episodic noise, etc.; according to the different modes of noise interference, it is divided into common-mode interference and differential-mode interference.

ICS TRIPLEX9852 3 Common mode interference and differential mode interference is a more commonly used classification method. Common mode interference is the signal to ground potential difference, mainly by the grid string into, ground potential difference and space electromagnetic radiation in the signal line induced by the common state (same direction) voltage iteration of the formation. Common mode voltage is sometimes larger, especially with poor isolation performance of the distributor power supply, the transmitter output signal common mode voltage is generally higher, some can be as high as 130V or more.