ABB 3BHE039724R0C3D PPD513AOC-100440 Decentralised Control Module

3BHE039724R0C3D PPD513AOC-100440

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ABB 3BHE039724R0C3D PPD513AOC-100440 Decentralised Control Module

3BHE039724R0C3D PPD513AOC-100440 is a set of configuration software running on Windows platform, which can quickly construct and generate the upper computer monitoring system. It has the characteristics of decentralised control and centralised management. Control and data acquisition are completed by KH series instruments of various models, while the host computer carries out real-time monitoring of the entire process, completing on-site data acquisition, real-time and historical curve recording, alarm control, printing and other functions.

3BHE039724R0C3D PPD513AOC-100440 Features:
1, the use of decentralised control, the failure of the upper machine does not affect the lower machine, the lower machine between the instrumentation failure does not spread, to avoid the collapse of the entire monitoring system caused by local failure.
2、Good openness, compatibility and expandability, users can develop their own applications through OPC, DDE, ODBC and other mechanisms.
3, a huge standard graphics library, a complete set of drawing tools and rich multimedia support, can quickly generate rich and vivid engineering screen.
4, the upper computer configuration Chinese Microsoft Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP operating system, more than 32M memory, more than 4M memory 15 inch colour display, resolution of not less than 800 � 600, colour inkjet printer.

3BHE039724R0C3D PPD513AOC-100440 Instrument input signals include various types of mV, RTD, thermocouple signals, can provide transmitter power supply to the field of two-wire transmitter return current signals, convenient for field debugging. The first output signal is PID control signal output, which can be selected as standard current output or relay output; the second signal is variable transmission or RS485 communication output.