ABB 500SCM01 1MRB200059C 1MRB15004R0001 Wireless Integrated Modules

ABB 500SCM01 1MRB200059C 1MRB15004R0001

Technical Parameters:

  • CPU with 7 communication ports and LCD display
  • Serial ports for master/slave or custom device connections
  • USB local I/O expansion, Ethernet remote I/O
  • Plenty of discrete and analog I/O modules, display on analog modules
  • Easy drive integration
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ABB 500SCM01 1MRB200059C 1MRB15004R0001 Wireless Integrated Modules

500SCM01 1MRB200059C 1MRB15004R0001 Series Signal Conditioners consist of 12 different modules, both configurable and specialized. Signal types supported include current, voltage, Hart protocol, RTD, and thermocouple. Configurations include splitter, single and multi-channel, repeater, and loop powered modules. Configurable modules are programmed with dip switches (for current, voltage, and temperature) and/or FDT/DTM software (temperature only). For example, the 857-400 (Configurable Isolation Amplifier) offers up to 36 different signal combinations via dip switches. Other features include safe operation via 3-way isolation (2.5kV), accurate signaling with less than 0.1% of full scale value, built-in potentiometers for zero and span adjustment, extended operating temperature range of -25 to +70 degrees Celsius, and worldwide approvals such as UL 508, CSA 22.2, and UL 1604 (pending approval).

The 500SCM01 1MRB200059C 1MRB15004R0001 provides longer coverage than previous battery-powered mesh network nodes.The DM2200 is a powerful and versatile embedded module that delivers superior performance in a wide range of industrial automation applications.The DM2200 communicates up to 600 meters in the open air while consuming only 4.5 watts in receive mode. The DM2200 has a communication range of 600 meters in open-air environments, while consuming only 4.5 milliamps (mA) in receive mode and 68 microamps in standby mode. A rule-based routing architecture is also used.VersaMESH rule-based routing can be easily modified to optimize performance for low latency, long battery life, high reliability, or any other requirement for a particular application.VersaMESH also enables each node in the network to act as a router while also connecting to sensors. In addition, VersaMESH allows any node to communicate with any other node without having to route through a single network master or coordinator.

The 500SCM01 1MRB200059C 1MRB15004R0001 is intended as a solution for a wide range of industrial wireless connectivity applications. In addition to its long transmission range and low power consumption, it flexibly connects to machines through its serial port and ten configurable I/O ports. The modules have an integrated function to safely disconnect power to all modules in the safety segment and do not require a safety controller. The modules meet stringent machine safety standards, including SIL 3 CL and Class 4 PL e. The initial version of the wireless module operates in the 900 MHz unlicensed band and has been certified for operation in the U.S. in accordance with FCC 15.247 regulations.