ABB CC12403 1021621 Factory Operating System

CC12403 1021621

Technical Parameters

D2-04TD1 – 4 pt. 12-24 VDC current sinking output module, 1 common (4 common terminals),4.0A/point, 8.0A/module, fused per point (non-replaceable), removable terminal

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ABB CC12403 1021621 Factory Operating System

CC12403 1021621 Open and Unified Industrial Digital Dock, based on a safe and reliable new field network as well as a unified digital dock, version 1.0 provides advanced automation applications such as high-performance HMI, predictive control, equipment health diagnostics, visual AI, alarm governance, operation navigation, system integrity, loop self-tuning, and more. Incorporating rapid development and flexible deployment of industrial APPs, it precipitates production operation experience and knowledge, and helps enterprise digital governance and mining, production process optimization and business collaboration.

CC12403 1021621 deeply integrates intelligent algorithms, expert experience and process mechanism knowledge to realize one-key start and stop of production devices, automatic load lifting and lowering, precise management of alarms, optimization of process indexes, intelligent decision-making of abnormal working conditions, etc., and achieve autonomous and cooperative operation of the whole production process, so as to achieve the goal of “less manned” until “unmanned”. The goal of “unmanned” is achieved.

CC12403 1021621 i-OMC system is a work of art that combines the progress of the times and insight into user needs. It is built around the digital intelligence capabilities of process enterprises in the entire chain of intelligent perception, intelligent control, intelligent operation, intelligent optimization, intelligent operation and maintenance, which will greatly assist process enterprises in highly autonomous operation of the production process, and promote the automation, digitization, and intelligentization level of process industrial enterprises, bringing customers “cost optimization”, “intelligent decision-making” and “unmanned” goals. It will bring important values to customers, such as “cost optimization, manpower reduction, safety and stability, experience precipitation and asset appreciation”.