ABB CC22103 1010621 Intelligent decentralized control system

CC22103 1010621

Product Parameter

16-point, 12-24 VDC current sinking output module,

2 common terminals, 0.25A/point continuous

over-current trip 0.6A min, 1.2A max,

independent over-temperature protection for each output

removable terminal block

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ABB CC22103 1010621 Intelligent decentralized control system

CC22103 1010621 combines advanced control technology, embedded hardware and software technology, network communication technology, information integration technology, distributed device management technology, real-time database technology, ASIC chip technology, FPGA technology and fieldbus technology.

CC22103 1010621 is developed on the basis of self-controllable Linux operating system, the controller kernel is developed on the basis of self-developed embedded real-time operating system and domestic processor chip, and various I/O modules and communication interface modules are developed on the basis of domestic chips and components combined with self-developed embedded software, which ultimately forms a completely self-controllable DCS product.

CC22103 1010621 achieves 100% localization rate of control system operating station software, embedded operating system and software, and 100% localization rate of controller and I/O module components. This product breaks through many technical difficulties that are only mastered by foreign enterprises, and can provide a platform to support the improvement of automation and informatization level of domestic process industry.