ABB CI854A 3BSE030221R1 Digital Inverter

ABB CI854A 3BSE030221R1

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ABB CI854A 3BSE030221R1 Digital Inverter

ABB CI854A 3BSE030221R1 adopts single-phase half-bridge inverter structure, the core chip of the inverter controller selects TMS320F2812, outputs two SPWM, EXB841 module as the driving amplifier of the SPWM signal, the control switch adopts the full-control device IGBT, the input voltage is 311V, the output voltage is 100V (RMS), the switching frequency is 10kHz, the inverter output voltage frequency is 50Hz. 10kHz, inverter output voltage frequency is 50HZ.

ABB CI854A 3BSE030221R1 system principle and interface block diagram shown in Figure 2, the inverter system current and voltage through the voltage Hall sensor and current sampling circuit were detected, and sent to the analogue signal processing circuit for analogue filtering and amplitude adjustment, the processed signal is sent to the DSP chip, through the DSP on-chip 12-bit A/D converter module. DSP digital filtering of the signal to determine whether the output voltage and current of the single-phase half-bridge is over-voltage or over-current, and take appropriate protective measures;

ABB CI854A 3BSE030221R1 processed according to the control algorithm, through the DSP on-chip PWM output module, to get the required two SPWM waveform signals, through the EXB841 drive amplifier module for processing, and finally to the IGBT inverter half-bridge for control, so as to achieve the DC-AC inverter. The CAN2.0B module in the DSP also retains an external CAN network interface, which facilitates real-time control and monitoring of the digital inverter controller using network communication.