ABB DO810 3BSE008510R1 Embedded Edge Computing High-End Module

ABB DO810 3BSE008510R1

Technical Parameters:

  • Advanced instructions and task management boost program speed and efficiency
  • Run-time editing and easy data logging on CPU
  • Tag name database is friendly and flexible, Help File really helps
  • Easy connection to Access, SQL or ODBC databases
  • Import tags into C-more database
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ABB DO810 3BSE008510R1 Embedded Edge Computing High-End Module

The ABB DO810 3BSE008510R1 supports 6 cores and has a TDP of only 25 watts. They enable developers to create fully passively cooled embedded computing systems that can parallelise up to 12 independent virtual machines through Hyper-Threading technology. This enables operation under the highest levels of IP protection even in the harshest environmental conditions in a fully sealed system.

The ABB DO810 3BSE008510R1 enables the integration of several previously independent systems on a single embedded edge computer using this multi-core platform. Hypervisor technology (Hypervisor) makes it possible to operate up to 12 virtual machines at the same time on a single system, which incorporates real-time control (soft PLCs), an Industry 4.0 gateway to the tactile Internet via time-synchronised networks

ABB DO810 3BSE008510R1 IoT gateway for sending large amounts of data to the cloud and central management systems, as well as vision systems, artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning applications. In addition, there are software-defined networking capabilities, like intrusion prevention and detection systems that analyse data traffic in parallel with applications, thus avoiding the delays that occur when analyses and applications operate serially.