ABB PFTL101A 1.0KN Modular Structure

PFTL101A 1.0KN

Adopts high-performance industrial-grade processor

Adopt high-performance industrial-grade wireless module

4G full network communication (Unicom, Telecom, Mobile)

Support low power consumption mode

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ABB PFTL101A 1.0KN Modular Structure

PFTL101A 1.0KN power supply fluctuations cause voltage distortion or burrs that will adversely affect the PLC and I/O modules. The microprocessor core components required +5V power supply using multi-stage filtering, and adjusted with an integrated voltage regulator to adapt to the fluctuations in the AC power grid and over-voltage, under-voltage effects. As far as possible when the power line parallel alignment, when the power line is a low impedance to ground, in order to reduce the power supply noise interference. The shield is grounded in different ways, the effect of interference suppression is not the same, generally secondary coil can not be grounded. Input and output lines should be twisted pair and the shield should be reliably grounded to suppress common touch interference.

PFTL101A 1.0KN between the microprocessor and I/O circuits, the use of optoelectronic isolation measures, effectively separating them from each other to prevent external interference signals and ground loop noise generated by the electrical signals through the common ground into the PLC machine, thus affecting its normal operation. Once a module is found to be faulty, it can be quickly replaced to restore the system to normal operation, and also helps to speed up the search for the cause of system faults.