ABB PM866K01 3BSE050198R1 Temperature Controller

PM866K01 3BSE050198R1

Technical Parameters

Linux system

Unique Smartlink technology

SSL data encryption

Support 4G full network pass

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ABB PM866K01 3BSE050198R1 Temperature Controller

PM866K01 3BSE050198R1 With the product range of frozen refrigeration industry manufacturers are increasingly facing overseas customers, these customers are required to have a product in the freezing and refrigeration process process parameters are mainly temperature parameters of the record, report, so the original control system should be upgraded. In order to minimize investment, the use of the original temperature controller based on the addition of a RS485 communication module and domestic programmable controller (Haiwell PLC) can be very economical and convenient to achieve these requirements.

PM866K01 3BSE050198R1 program design highlights:
1, the use of MODR and MODW instruction is very easy to realize and AI display control instrument communication;
2, the use of Haiwell PLC built-in real-time clock function and time switch TIME instruction, a command that is to realize the daily timed defrost function;
Utilizing the convenient communication function of programmable controller (Haiwell PLC) and convenient instruction set, it can economically and efficiently realize the collection and recording of process parameters of freezing and refrigeration process, and meet the requirements of customers’ internationalization. It can be widely used in the refrigeration and freezing industry for old system renovation and new system technology upgrade.