ABB PSU14nCJW high voltage trigger relay


Technical Parameters

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ABB PSU14nCJW high voltage trigger relay

ABB PSU14nCJW High Speed Tripping Relay

ABB PSU14nCJW High Speed Tripping Relay – High speed high burden tripping relay, hand/ electrical reset contacts with operation indicator

Technical Specification of ABB PSU14nCJW Tripping Relay

  • Type: Electro Mechanical Relay.
  • Protection Type: High Speed Tripping Relay.
Technical Specifications  Details
Model No : PSU14nCJW
Relay type PSU14nCJW High Speed Tripping
Auxiliary voltage 110/220 V DC
Type of mounting Flush mounting
Contact configurations 14NO+0NC 13NO+1NC/ 12NO+2NC/ 11NO+3NC/ 10NO+4NC/ 9NO+5NC/ 8NO+6NC/ 7NO+7NC
Typical applications High burden tripping



  • High degree of reliability, even when it has been idle for a long time
  • PSU14n.. with mechanical flag type indicator
  • 6 / 14 contacts with double interruption
  • Contact configuration can be changed with ease
  • Different mounting variants
  • Wide range of voltage and contact configuration