ABB REX521GHHPSH51G Intelligent Operation of All Processes


Technical Parameters
◆ Integrated design of data acquisition and transmission.
◆ Micro-power consumption design, support battery, solar energy, utility power supply.
◆ IP68 protection level, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-soaking.
◆ Supports two working modes: wake-up timer and real-time online.
◆ Provide 5V and 12V DC power supply for the transmitter.

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ABB REX521GHHPSH51G Intelligent Operation of All Processes

REX521GHHPSH51G for the global process enterprises to re-launch its more open, intelligent, highly autonomous operation of the new generation of intelligent operation management and control system of the whole process. i-OMC system adheres to the concept of “open, intelligent”, based on the traditional centralized control system, the integration of the factory operating system, industrial AIoT, advanced industrial network, intelligent optimization, model prediction and other core technology advantages.

REX521GHHPSH51G is committed to realizing the process industry’s major innovation and upgrade from automation to intelligent and autonomous operation. Compared with the traditional centralized control system, i-OMC system realizes a major breakthrough in operation logic, technical architecture, function realization, etc., and has three significant features, such as “E-net to the end, factory operating system + industrial APP, and autonomous operation”.

REX521GHHPSH51G integrates industry-leading data transmission solutions such as general I/O, digital I/O, wired APL, wireless sensing, industrial 5G, etc., and possesses various advantages such as distributed deployment, high reliability, strong expansion, easy maintenance and integration, etc., which provides the industry with a more flexible, simple and fast project engineering execution and debugging method and realizes the decoupling of automation hardware and software engineering. Coupling automation hardware and software engineering, it can effectively respond to the demands and challenges of process industry enterprises in upgrading and transformation of lower cost, faster data transmission, shorter implementation cycle, and more comprehensive access to information.