ABB RXP8n Auxiliary Relay


Technical Parameters
◆ Integrated design of data acquisition and transmission.
◆ Micro-power consumption design, support battery, solar energy, utility power supply.
◆ IP68 protection level, waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-soaking.
◆ Supports two working modes: wake-up timer and real-time online.
◆ Provide 5V and 12V DC power supply for the transmitter.

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ABB RXP8n Auxiliary Relay

ABB RXP8n Auxiliary Relay

ABB RXP8n Auxiliary Relay – Single Element Auxiliary Relay, Self-Reset Contacts without Operation Indicator

The auxiliary relays type RXP8n,RXPQ8n are used for all kinds of control and protection circuits in power stations and industrial installations, where a high degree of reliability and a high contact rating are stipulated, with minimal internal consumption. Acting as instantaneous switching element, it provides galvanic separation and contact multiplication in tripping and signaling circuits of protective relays.

Technical Specification of ABB RXP8n Auxiliary Relay

  • Type: Electro Mechanical Relay.
  • Protection Type: Auxiliary Relay.
Technical Specifications  Details
Model No : RXP8n
Relay type RXP8n AUX
Auxiliary voltage 24/30/48/110/220/250 V DC
Type of mounting Combiflex mounting*
Contact configurations 7NO+0NC/ 6NO+1NC/ 5NO+2NC/ 4NO+3NC
Typical applications Contact multiplication, signalling and tripping