ABB SDCS-CON-2-COAAT 3ADT220090R2 Process Control System


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ABB SDCS-CON-2-COAAT 3ADT220090R2 Process Control System

ABB SDCS-CON-2-COAAT 3ADT220090R2 in the independent research and development of the system visualisation configuration software at the same time, but also to provide users with a set of support for the mainstream commercial configuration software products, to ensure that the user according to their own habits of use convenient selection. liCon DCS products support InTouch, iFix, KingViEW and force control and so on. Monitoring and control configuration software. Graphical algorithmic configuration technology, fully compliant with the IEC61131-3 international programming standards. Support redundant optical fibre communication mechanism to ensure smooth communication of remote I/O; equipped with Modbus, Profibus, FF and other communication interface modules to ensure interconnection with third-party products.

ABB SDCS-CON-2-COAAT 3ADT220090R2 system is a set of control system products for large and medium-sized engineering needs, comprehensive redundancy structure to ensure the reliability of the entire system, compact high-performance controller to ensure that the control station can meet the 100,000-point real-time processing capacity, I / O module using Motorola high-performance microprocessors. I/O module adopts Motorola high-performance microprocessor to ensure the optimal performance of I/O cards. The system has been successfully applied in 600MW supercritical generating unit.

ABB SDCS-CON-2-COAAT 3ADT220090R2 process control system is based on the mature technology of FB-2000NS system, user-centred design guiding ideology, based on the long-term accumulation of design and engineering application experience, make the system more convenient, flexible and friendly. The modular process control system is a set of open and variable scale control system adapted to various automation needs of the enterprise (from a single production process device to the whole plant automation, from local transformation to the enterprise’s management and control integration and other applications, it can meet the needs of the enterprise’s production, control, and optimisation management).