ABB YS1700-000A34 Embedded Multi-Core Processor


Technical Parameters

Linux system

Unique Smartlink technology

SSL data encryption

Support 4G full network pass

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ABB YS1700-000A34 Embedded Multi-Core Processor

YS1700-000A34 real-time control network security communication technology research for the first time proposed the use of encryption and authentication technology in large-scale industrial control real-time network communication of real-time network data encryption and authentication, to prevent unauthorized access to improve the security of the entire industrial control real-time network system.

YS1700-000A34 adopts multi-core parallel execution mode of domestic multi-core embedded processor, separating the DCS controller control core, communication core and error diagnosis core with multi-core parallel processing technology, isolating the communication layer, control layer and error diagnosis layer from the hardware layer, preventing the attack of the communication layer from being introduced to the control layer, which greatly improves the security of the control system.

YS1700-000A34 autonomous and controllable domestic DCS adopts domestic operating system (including but not limited to upper computer, lower computer operating system, etc.), and other software (including but not limited to database software, configuration software, embedded software, etc.) is developed independently, and the software localization rate reaches 100%.