AI3351 Triple Redundancy Integrated System


Technical Parameters:

  • High-performance CPU with 50Mb memory, fast scan time
  • Industry-leading 7 communications ports, including built-in local expansion and Ethernet remote I/O ports are standard on the CPU
  • USB Programming and USB Data Logging are resident on the CPU
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AI3351 Triple Redundancy Integrated System

AI3351 is widely used, especially in petroleum refining, chemical, natural gas and air separation, oxygen station, metallurgy and other industries in the application of more and more widely, has become the key equipment of these enterprises, the compressor’s performance directly affects the economic benefits of the process plant. Therefore, selecting a reliable and stable control system for turbocompressors is getting more and more attention and recognition from the majority of users. With more than ten years of involvement in the equipment manufacturing industry, HELISE can provide complete and mature control functions for each part, and can provide professional solutions for different types of turbine compressors and different user requirements.

AI3351 main functions:
●Speed control: speed up, over-critical, variable speed control function.
Compressor control: fixed air pressure, fixed air volume, static lobe control, anti-surge control.
●Interlock protection: start interlock, overspeed protection, anti-backflow protection, stop output
●Auxiliary control: main body monitoring, auxiliary machine control

AI3351 features:
●Triple redundancy technology: main control unit, IO module, bus communication, etc. all triple redundancy.
●Compressor control: the control cycle is less than 30ms, to meet the requirements of real-time control.
●Separation of control level products (CCS) and safety level products (ESD); CCS and ESD use separate CPU and master control cages.
● ESD degradation mode 3-2-0 (safety), CCS degradation mode 3-2-1 (availability).
● Multi-layer redundancy, the T880 system cooperates with HELISE B series self-capacitating actuators to achieve multi-layer redundancy of the control system and actuators, which greatly reduces the unit shutdown caused by actuator failures, and solves the bottleneck problem of a single turbine regulating steam valve in the control loop.